Our Company


he NBS Consulting Group is a multidisciplinary Management Consulting Firm, established in 1992, specialized in Business Strategies, Corporate Finance, Business Development, Process Improvement and Sustainability. We stand out for maintaining our focus on the objectives settled with our clients, by keeping continuous professional qualification and deploying Management solutions using internationally recognized methodologies.
With an extensive experience in Brazil and other international markets, NBS provides management solutions through consulting projects, training and assessment. With headquarters in São Paulo and regional branches in other major Brazilian cities, the NBS Consulting Group has a team of 30 full time professionals, with a diverse skill set, committed to implementing management solutions designed to improve our clients’ processes and competitiveness.
We, at NBS, understand that in a competitive global environment, projects must be managed in accordance with pre-established timetables in such a way to provide our clients with a clear overview of all occurrences, in real time, and in such a way that creativity is not inhibited in the course of action.

Philosophy and Approach

Provide solutions to integrate our clients’ strategies, processes, workforce and technology is our philosophy.
The commitment with results and objectives is obtained by bonding key personnel and respecting the organizational culture.

Our Mission

“Develop integrated and optimized solutions for governance, strategy and management of organizations, aligned with sociocultural, environmental and economic values”.


The development of business strategies, management mechanisms and governance are critical to businesses of all segments and sizes, either with professional or family management.

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Corporate Finance

Maximizing the value of a company and the management of their financial risks are essential to support organizational strategies and take advantage of possible opportunities for growth, merger or acquisition.

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Process Improvement

The planning of effective processes and attention to quality and productivity improvement opportunities is a constant for managers who work in competitive scenarios.

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The integration of social, energy, economic and environmental issues is an important aspect of the strategic definitions of any organization.

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